My law practice is now closed in order to allow me to follow other pursuits.
It was an honor to represent so many deserving people in our community.
Thank you!
- Kelly

Kelly J. Beard, Attorney and Counselor brings years of trial experience and a hands-on approach to help solve your employment-related problems. The firm handles all aspects of wrongful termination, employment discrimination, and restrictive covenant matters. Kelly J. Beard, Attorney and Counselor is committed to giving you a creative, conscientious, and client-centered firm that provides outstanding legal representation inside and outside the courtroom. Kelly is also a founding member of Turning Points Mediation, and she provides mediation and arbitration services through her law firm as well as through Turning Points.

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Practice Overview
Kelly formed her boutique firm in 2007, after nearly 20 years of practicing law in a variety of legal settings. The firm represents deserving individuals who face discrimination in the workplace.  It also assists businesses who need help investigating discrimination claims and ensuring compliance with federal discrimination laws.

As a trial lawyer, Kelly won one of the largest race discrimination verdicts in the history of the nation, as reported in the National Law Journal, Top 100 Verdicts (2003). On the other end of the spectrum, she successfully defended a minority-owned business and its owner unjustly accused of discrimination. In other words, when you receive advice from Kelly, you’ll receive advice from an attorney who has first-hand experience representing plaintiffs and defendants. This allows you to obtain an objective and realistic assessment of your case.

Kelly’s firm handles all types of discrimination and harassment claims, especially race, gender, and religious claims. She understands the nuances of the law governing employment-related claims and works to protect and defend her clients’ interests.

During the past few years of economic turmoil, Kelly increasingly hears from employees who need help developing exit strategies, reviewing employment contracts, and understanding the full consequences of proposed separation agreements. The firm takes particular pride in assisting people during these difficult transitions.

The firm has seen terrific results with mediation, both as an advocate and as a mediator. Because of this experience, Kelly is committed to the mediation process, and she handles numerous mediations to successful conclusions each year.

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